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 miss tea April 21, 2014 
 burbank email 

Your use of light..the way you create it is beautiful yummy lovely.

 amir December 16, 2013 
 iran email 

hello i am a painter from iran are you painter .i like to accustem with you.thanks

 amir December 16, 2013 
 iran email 

i am a painter from iran .are you painter i will like to accostom with you thanks

 Ron Hanney December 3, 2012 
 Santa Clarita, CA email 

Superb imagination & stunning creativity are evident in every composition.

 Terry Seamons November 7, 2012 
 Pasadena, Ca email 

Heather told me about your paintings. I took a look and they are truley unbelieveable.

 renate August 9, 2011 
 Denmark email 

hi...Have look at your homepage . I love your work , lovly coulor greetings from Renate

 Craig O’Connor August 14, 2010 
 Los Angeles  

Dear Jacob, Thanks for sharing yourself with us. I especially was attracted to and appreciated "Spirit of God Reflected above the Ocean". Smiles. Craig

 Adam Hanania January 12, 2010 
 Tarzana email 

I love Jacobs' art. He has a wonderful collection in his gallery.

 Nadia December 17, 2009 
 Grenoble; France email 

Really beautiful piece of art.... I like this technique... amazing!!!!!

 Mehdad Sheikhrezai December 12, 2009 
 Menlo Park email 

great work micheleangelo

 Sima Amid November 18, 2009 
 Marshall MN email 

I an an artist. I love your work.

 Teresa Silverthorn October 2, 2009 
 USA email 

Absolutely beautiful...

 Shir Cohen June 29, 2009 
 Israel email 

I love your pictures . I am the granddaughter's Yechezkel - your brother . Come and your family to Israel when you can . I and all my family are very miss you . love, THE Cohen family , Mor-Yosef family and Ebriani.

 Sindy November 4, 2008 
 Los Angeles email 

Wow just wow!

 Holli Rabishaw February 3, 2008 
 Los Angeles, CA email 

Hello Jacob, Thank you for donating Life Force to the Jewish Vocational Services auction. This piece was energetically pulling me toward it as if it were waiting for me. I will treasure it always. Thank you for this beautiful expression of light and life. I read from Rumi's poetry collection regularly and am inspired by the writings of Gina Nahai....we have much in common in our inspirations.

 Patricia January 31, 2008 
 Los Angeles  

Lovely work. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

 Judith January 14, 2008 

AMAZING! thanks!

 Ali August 17, 2007 
 Kirkland, WA email 

Dear Mr. Ebriani, I love your work, they're all so beautiful, I just love the style, the colors, and the vision. I especially like the ones that are more surrealist. If any of your works are for sale, then I'd be very interested in purchasing one of two of them. Could you let me know please. thank you.

 ht August 12, 2007 

I think your work is beautiful. I've been looking for pieces like these for a while. Great job.

 Shirin August 10, 2007 
 San Diego email 

Dear Mr. Ebriani, I just saw your art work at and I am moved and impressed. I'd like to know if they're for sell, and if so what are the prices. There are few of them that I absolutly love to see more of, if I can afford. Sincerely, Shirin

 Alexander Janckila January 12, 2007 


 Gilbert Conaway December 25, 2006 
 Leesburg, Virginia email 

Jacob, I am extremely moved by your artwork titled "Highway to Heaven" and am very interested in beginning my own personal collection with this piece.

 Josh December 22, 2006 
 Los Angeles  

Great website!

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